Faction Rules

1. The faction is open to all members of the International Socialist Organization, including members that the faction determines to have been bureaucratically excluded from the organization.

2. Faction members accept the faction’s platform and statements. They are obliged to promote and defend the faction’s views; to organize local bodies of the faction; to observe faction discipline in relevant votes and elections; and to work under the direction of the national Faction Committee. Furthermore, all faction members agree to have their names (first name and last initial) listed publicly on the faction website.

3. The faction is led by the national Faction Committee (FC), which admits and removes members, maintains the faction’s website and listserv, directs the faction’s local work, and represents the faction in negotiations with the national leadership. The FC has the right to add members to itself at its own discretion. The FC names a Faction Secretary to coordinate the work of the FC.

The FC is obliged to open a listerv discussion on all major issues facing the faction.

If the faction becomes sufficiently large, the FC must initiate a reorganization of the faction on elective principles, including election of the FC.

4. ISO members apply for membership in the faction by writing to isorenewalfaction [at] gmail [dot] com with their name, branch/district, and when they joined the ISO (month and year); they must also include a short statement describing how they plan to build the faction locally. Applications are subject to the approval of the Faction Committee.

5. Faction members may be removed from the faction at their request; or by decision of the Faction Committee, if it determines that members are not carrying out their responsibilities as faction members.

6. Faction members are free to submit documents to the Pre-Convention on their own initiative, provided they do not contradict the faction’s platform and statements. Faction members who wish to propose that the faction issue a statement must submit a draft to the faction listserv for general review and comment. The Faction Committee makes the final determination on whether to accept the draft as a faction statement.

7. The faction may be dissolved by decision of the Faction Committee.

3 thoughts on “Faction Rules

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  3. Ooohhh I see so you guys can quite easily kick out anyone who doesn’t defend your positions but when scores of your comrades as a representative body vote to eject you for your destructive, dishonest actions that’s hella undemocratic huh? Cry me a river, take your ball home and play somewhere else.

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