External Bulletin is open to all contributions, subject to these guidelines:

  1. Our political touchstone is revolutionary Marxism, but we welcome submissions from all radical left traditions and perspectives.
  2. The Editorial Collective oversees the general direction of External Bulletin and is ultimately responsible for all aspects of its operation. Its decisions are made by majority vote.
  3. Managing Editors are chosen from Editorial Collective and manage the day-to-day operation of the website, including the formatting and posting of articles, with assistance from other editors as needed. They are recallable by the Editorial Collective.
  4. Submissions to External Bulletin must be approved by two editors, at least one of whom must be a Managing Editor, prior to publication. Submissions of a potentially controversial nature should be brought before the Editorial Collective; responsibility for this lies, in the first place, with the Managing Editors.

Editorial Collective

Vanessa Beck
Brian Chidester
Ian Georgianna
Amanda HG
Paul Hubbard
Shaun Joseph
Chris Ma
Chris Murphy
Mary Rapien
Yuval Sivan
Ben Smith

Managing Editors

Brian Chidester
Shaun Joseph

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